8. Declutter your calendar

Often, our life feels cluttered because we just have too much to do. When you look at all the demands on your schedule with work, home, school, church, friends, and more, it’s no wonder our life and mind feels cluttered.

Our “busy as a badge of honour” culture adds to overloading our calendars in the hopes of feeling more “fulfilled” or “worthy”.

Begin by taking a good look at your commitments for each area of your life (I like to do this by the roles I fulfil). Then, write down everything for each role. This isn’t meant to overwhelm you, even though it may feel overwhelming in the moment.

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What this will do is allow you to apply some solid logic . And as a way to open your eyes to everything on your plate.

Once written down, examine your tasks and commitments to see which ones add joy or value to your life. And to better identify tasks that may not be worth the time or effort you have to put into it.

This will mean getting better at saying “no”. And possibly disappointing some people. Yet, you’ll discover that you’ll spend your time more efficiently. And have a much clearer mind.

9. Shore up your boundaries

In addition to decluttering your calendar, shoring up your boundaries is another way to declutter your life. Strong boundaries equal a less cluttered mind and life. Because strong boundaries equal not being a doormat, or overloading your plate by saying “yes” when you want to say “no”.

The truth is, most of us think we have good boundaries, but upon reflection, realize that they could be a bit stronger. That’s because when you’re tired, feeling overwhelmed, or have a lot on your plate, you’re more likely to let things slide.

And what seems like good, firm boundaries are a little wishy-washy.

10. Set non-negotiable standards

Setting non-negotiable standards means that you are setting the rules for your life according to what you desire to accomplish in your life. It’s about choosing to take control of the quality of your daily life. It’s easy for a bad day – or bad series of days – get us off track.

The way to recover more quickly is to create rules for ourselves that help us get back on track.

Boundaries help protect your world from outside influences on your schedule and life, having non-negotiable standards for yourself can insulate you from self-sabotage.

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