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5. Ditch a toxic friend

Ditching a toxic friend is hard. Some folks report that breaking up with a friend is harder than breaking up with a lover. And, yes, it can feel challenging to decide you no longer want contact with a friend, even if they are a drama queen or always complain.

However, hanging out with toxic people makes you feel toxic. So your happiness is at risk. So, while ditching a toxic friend is hard at first, soon you’ll discover the sweet relief of peace…

..and having peace of mind is the path to having a life that is decluttered of negativity.

6. Look for ways to cut other negative inputs

For my own sense of well-being, I don’t watch the news. It’s just too negative and full of opinions. It’s one of the negative inputs I’ve cut from my life because seeing (and hearing) the same sad or highly charged stories over and over stress me out. And it clutters my mind.

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What inputs are negative to you? The news? Social media? PTA Meetings? You can stay involved and informed with ways that fit your needs and still cut out any negative inputs that make your heart race, your blood pressure rise, or add more clutter to your already cluttered mind.

So, if you ask me how to declutter your life and mind, I would ask you what negative inputs you can cut out.

7. Take the time to close your circles

Our brains see eac tasks on our to-do list as equal to every other one. So, when I start feeling overwhelmed, I scan my list of tasks to see what circles I can close with the least amount of energy.

A good rule of thumb is to go ahead and do anything that can be accomplished in ten minutes or less, like texting a friend “Happy Birthday”, taking out the garbage, starting a load of laundry, or clearing the kitchen island.

What this does is free up brain power for bigger tasks like writing a blog post or decluttering the closet.

Close circles during transition times, like when you get home from work. Or set a timer for thirty minutes midday and knock out as many small tasks as you can. This will make your life feel less cluttered and more spacious.

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