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3. Reduce decision fatigue

Did you know we make, on average, 300 decisions a day? No wonder our minds are over-full!

So, when you reduce decision fatigue, it allows you to live a life that feels less cluttered. You reduce decision fatigue by pre-making decisions. Practical ways to reduce decision fatigue include adopting a uniform of sorts, creating a meal plan, and having solid routines.

4. Close decision loops

Speaking of decision making, closing decision loops will always help reduce mind (and life) clutter. While closing decision loops is a term used for businesses, I have discovered that doing so in my personal life allows me to reduce decision fatigue in other ways.

What does that mean for your personal life? Closing a decision loop entails setting decision rules for your life, like ‘if-then’ statements.

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For example, one of my personal rules is that if I wake up after 4am, I get up and start the day. If I wake up before 4am, I try to go back to sleep. Other kinds of “rules” you can make to help you close decision loops in your life can relate to household chores such as “If I cook, you clean” or “Even if I’m tired, I will leave the sink empty of dishes.”

Closing decision loops not only is a way to declutter your life, but it also allows you to apply compassionate discipline to your life.

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