When you declutter your life and mind, you’ll be able to live a better life

When you’re stressed out, overwhelmed and everything around you is a mess, you want to know how to organise your life and declutter it from the things you no longer need.

If you were to ask me for a life hack that will always lead to loving your life, it begins with the right decluttering tips and strategies. Though you may think of decluttering when it comes to your physical stuff, clutter doesn’t stop with ‘things’.

No, darling, there’s also mental and emotional clutter and they always leave you feeling overwhelmed.

Think about it: One of the biggest causes of stress and overwhelm is the way our thoughts crowd out our ability to think clearly and strategically. That’s because our thoughts do create our reality.

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Unfortunately, when our thoughts run amok, it’s harder to figure out what actions to take, let alone how to think better thoughts.

When you choose to learn how to declutter your life – especially your mind – you’ll find that you can handle the challenges life tosses at you with more grace. It opens the door to a life that feels less stressful, less overwhelming, and more fulfilling.

And that, my dear, translates into feeling as if you are in control of your own happiness. Yet, how do you begin to declutter your life and mind when mind and life are filled to the brim with various signs of stress?

Here are 13 overlooked strategies to organise and declutter your life when you’re stressed out and overwhelmed (click through to read them all!)

1. Look at your environment

The first thing that may come to mind when someone says “declutter” is your environment. And this, my dear, is true. There is a reason Marie Kondo’s Netflix series is so popular: clearing physical clutter helps you think more clearly. That’s because clutter distracts you and makes you feel both stuck and overwhelmed.

If you aren’t quite sure where to start when it comes to physical clutter, I always recommend decluttering spaces where you spend most of your time. This means your kitchen, your living room, your bedroom, and your bathroom.

Better yet, declutter when the intent of creating habits that help make you feel more together.

2. Pick up a pen

When it comes to clearing your mind, the go-to action is to pick up a pen and some paper. When you do a brain dump – write down everything swirling around in your mind – it helps you move from swirling thoughts to clearer thinking.

One of the reminders I go to time and again is a quote from Getting Things Done author David Allen, “Your mind is for having ideas, not holding them.”

Additionally, writing things down allows us to better process feelings. And, in all honesty, be able to step back and take a look at the logical side of emotionally charged situations.

If you want to go the long road of ensuring you declutter your mind on a regular basis, consider keeping a journal.

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