If you’re extremely unfit or elderly, then walking may be a way for you to begin to build up some athletic ability and overall health and fitness…

So you’ve decided you’re going to walk for exercise. How hard can it be? You know how to WALK right?! Well, not so fast. Here are a few things to bear in mind if you want the best results and the fewest issues along the way.

1.     You’re walking in the wrong shoes

You are obviously not going to consider walking in a pair of stiletto heels (although you would build amazing calf muscles), but have you ever thought that your tennis shoes could be a problem for walking in?

You see, even athletic shoes are not all created equal, and your tennis shoes may be too stiff in their soles for optimum walking performance. If you’re going to walk, you want a shoe designed for walking or running, as they are built to support your foot in that role. The wrong kind of shoe could lead to knee, hip, and back aches and even foot issues. Go to a professional sportswear store, and ask for assistance in choosing a good pair of walking shoes that will support your feet and body effectively.

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