Here are five expert kitchen renovation tips that also happen to make a useful checklist for designing other areas in your home…

When working on any home renovation project, interior design creative Kim Williams, believes that it is crucial to have a good understanding of what you need in the space and what your style and tastes are before you purchase anything.

As for the kitchen, Williams says that your main focus should be functionality.

“Assess the space available, and then combine the design and plan for your kitchen redo on how you want your dream kitchen to feel once it is completed,” says Williams, who is the founder of Pure Design Innovation.

She says that plumbing, tiling and lighting should be considered as longer-term investments, as they are often costly, whereas paint and wallpaper can easily be updated at a reasonable and affordable cost. 

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Here are William’s top five kitchen renovation tips, which also happen to make a useful checklist for designing other areas in your home:

1. Function first

Consider who will be using this area the most and what their most important needs are in terms of functionality.

2. Style

Consider your style and tastes, or that of the person who will be using the space the most.

3. Flow

How does your kitchen fit in with the rest of your home?

Bear in mind that there should be flow between the kitchen and the rest of the home. It is therefore not advisable for the kitchen to be so different that it completely stands out in comparison to the look and feel of the rest of the home, unless this is your starting point and you are planning a redo of the entire house.

4.  Consider future changes

Take the time to plan what elements can easily be changed when you want an update – like paint colour, wallpaper and décor on open shelves. You would be surprised by what a difference these small things can make and that they can completely change the look and atmosphere of a particular space.

5. Have fun

Remember to have fun creating your new kitchen. After all, where else in life do you get the opportunity to redo things as many times as you want than in your own home?