Make sure your salon visits are the relaxing experiences they should be by knowing exactly what things your hairdresser should never do…

A visit to the hairdresser is always something to look forward to… well, at least, it should be. The chance for a little relaxing pamper session, the fact that someone else is washing your hair, that scalp massage and the fact that you’re guaranteed to have at least two good hair days makes it one of our favourite me-time treats.

But the fact that you’ve got to trust another person with your crowning glory, together with the fact that the salon can be an incredibly intimidating place, can make a simple haircut a less-than-desirable experience, which is why you should know the things your hairdresser should never do…

Four things your hairdresser should never do:

Skip the consultation

None of us are really surprised when our hairdresser is running late anymore, and truthfully, it’s very rarely their fault.

Clients often show up late to appointments and delay the whole day for everyone else, but while you can be understanding of this, your appointment shouldn’t suffer because of it (unless you’re the one who’s late, that is!).

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The consultation portion of your appointment is super important – that’s when you get to explain exactly what you want – so don’t let this step get skipped.

Surprise you when you get to the till

We’ve all been there – you’re told your hair really needs a hydration treatment, so your stylist slaps one on, or you’re given the recommendation that your hair should be coloured in a different way this time, so you go with it because who argues with the pro, right?!

But then you go pay for your hair and realise for the first time that you may need to sell your firstborn in order to afford your new ‘do.

This is not okay, and stylists should be upfront and transparent with all costs so that you can make an informed decision, and if they don’t, ask them how much everything will come to – even if it means they need to go and work it out.

Ignore you

While the hairdresser is the professional in the relationship, which means that their recommendation and opinion is probably a great one, you don’t have to agree with what they suggest.

After all, you’re the one who has to look at yourself in the mirror every day, and you’re the one who has to spend time styling your locks, so the most important thing is that you get the look you’re after.

If you suspect that your stylist has ignored your direction or is simply doing their own thing, stop them immediately and correct them. Don’t wait until they’ve completed the look.

Force you into buying products

We all know about that awkward moment when your stylist recommends a product to you, waiting anxiously for you to say you want it, while you’re sitting furiously running figures through your brain.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with your hairdresser giving you some product recommendations – and they’re probably really fab – but you should never feel pressured into buying them simply because they have a sales quota to reach.

If you’re not interested, politely decline the product, and move the conversation onto something – anything!- else!