By now we’ve all seen just how many tasks those in favour of green, DIY cleansers suggest vinegar can tackle…

Does it beat all those fancy cleansers in the cleaning aisle at your local shop, however? And can we make our home smell a little less like a chip shop when we use it? We have all the answers you need.

Does vinegar work as a cleaner?

The answer is yes – but it’s important to understand what it does, how it does it, and what it’s best suited for.

As a multi-purpose cleaner, you’ll probably get better results from a simple soap-and-water mix. The saponins in soap are designed to help dissolve and lift grime, making for less scrubbing and better cleaning.

Where vinegar excels, however, is in its acidic components

  • There’s nothing better for slicing through grease and mineral scum deposits.
  • It’s also a mild anti-bacterial, and safe for use on many fabrics too.
  • The acid also makes it a great cleaner for glassware, although it can be damaging to wood and some stone surfaces if used at an inappropriate strength.

So there you have it! Vinegar is, indeed, a great helper around the home, but it’s important to match its strengths to the task at hand.

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