4.     What to use instead of sugar

So you think you’re going to struggle to eat your food now that you’re not adding sugar, or buying sweetened products?

Well, first, grow up sweetie-pie. Eat like an adult.

Food is meant to be primarily FUNCTIONAL. Every meal does not have to be a ‘treat’. But if you can’t escape having a spoonful of sugar in your morning coffee, then rather use a little honey. (Yes, honey in coffee can be done, or switch to tea). Do NOT substitute with artificial sweeteners, these are a nutritional ‘no-no’.

Honey is natural, and has some nutritional benefit.

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5.     Is balance achievable?

Now for the good news. You don’t have to completely cut out added sugar.

What you need to do – the purpose of this article – is learn to spot where the sugars are getting into your diet, and then cut out all of the ones you CAN. If it’s your birthday, have a piece of cake.

Don’t make yourself miserable, just be aware of what you’re eating, and make it as healthy as you can. Where you can choose a healthier alternative, make the healthy choice. Learning to read labels and being aware of what you’re putting into your body is the first step to building a healthier diet and lifestyle.