2.     Most of the sugars you want to avoid are easy to identify

The sugars that fall outside of the ‘naturally occurring’ classification are easy to spot and avoid.

These are the sugars that are added into foods in the manufacturing process. So something like a chocolate bar has ADDED sugars (obviously). But there are a number of things that contain added sugars that you might not expect, including bread, pasta sauces, cereals, salad dressing.

Try to avoid these wherever possible. Here is a list of words used for ‘added sugar’ that you can spot on the label (source: Harvard Health Publishing):


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·        agave nectar

·        brown sugar

·        cane crystals

·        cane sugar

·        corn sweetener

·        corn syrup

·        crystalline fructose

·        dextrose

·        evaporated cane juice

·        fructose

·        fruit juice concentrates

·        glucose

·        high-fructose corn syrup

·        honey

·        invert sugar

·        lactose

·        malt sugar

·        malt syrup

·        maltose

·        maple syrup

·        molasses

·        raw sugar

·        sucrose



3.     Some of these added sugars are a little sneaky

So what about ‘health foods’, energy bars, fruit juices, dried fruits and the like? These are all good for you, right?

Well, not so fast. You see, many of these foods also come with a massive dose of added sugars (or other sweetening agents that are arguably just as bad as sugar). So you do have to do some homework (read the ingredients list) to see what’s actually in your food before you decide that it’s healthy.

The bottom line is that ‘healthy’ is not a guarantee of no added sugar.

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