Last updated on Sep 14th, 2020 at 03:13 pm

If you have a dark skin colour, chances are you’ve heard that you’re not a good candidate for laser treatments, but it’s not true

Certain lasers won’t be suitable, but thanks to innovations in tech, a new range that delivers fantastic results for skin of all colours exists – and you’ll find a wide selection of them at Skin Renewal.

Pigmentation be gone!

Struggling with dark marks? A Laser Genesis Rejuvenation machine does a brilliant job of treating stubborn pigmentation.

As Laser Genesis is a non-ablative laser, it doesn’t remove the top layers of the skin. Instead, it gently heats the different layers of the skin, so there’s no downtime. The heat causes tiny cavitation bubbles that cause the pigmentation to break up into tiny fragments that travel up to the surface of the skin. Once the pigment has been broken up and has surfaced, it’s much easier to get rid of via simple exfoliation.

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Ready, set, firm!

Having a darker skin tone means you’re more naturally resistant to the collagen-damaging effects of the sun. Nevertheless, your skin’s natural supply of collagen will dwindle with age, so the best time to encourage it to produce more of the protein that gives it strength, is now.

An effective way to firm up your skin while increasing its collagen stash is via treatment with the long-pulsed Nd:YAG laser. Again, it can be used on skin of all colours and works in two ways to help you firm up.

Firstly, the heat it delivers causes the existing collagen to contract, creating a ‘lift’ effect. Secondly, it stimulates yet more collagen to grow. And yes, it’s also non-ablative, so there’s no downtime!

Forever smooth

Don’t let anyone ever tell you that darker skin isn’t suitable for laser hair removal. Sure, in the past when IPL (intense pulse light) machines where the order of the day, they could be a problem. As these ‘old tech’ machines struggled to differentiate between dark hair and dark skin, you’d run the risk of getting burned.

Happily, innovations in laser and light treatments have come a long way.

Now, if used on a different setting, the same ‘colour-blind’ long-pulsed Nd:YAG laser we use for tightening can also be the perfect solution to unwanted hair. While these lasers still target darker pigment, they’re not going to zap your skin as they’re able to hone in on a certain depth that targets the hair follicle, not the skin that lies above it.

Ultimately, if you have a darker skin tone and would like to benefit from laser treatments, make an appointment to see one of Skin Renewal’s doctors who can introduce you to the best laser for the job.