There is a common misconception that physical appearance completely determines attractiveness, but this is simply not true. If you want people to be drawn to you, there are a variety of things you can do as a woman that will have others flocking to you in no time at all.

1. Be you

â?¢ Be distinctly you. Focus on what makes you unique, interesting and fun to talk to, and let those aspects of your personality shine through.

â?¢ Love yourself. Having the confidence to love and respect yourself makes you a more attractive woman.

â?¢ Be principled. Stick to your beliefs and maintain your moral compass.

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â?¢ Demand respect. Do not tolerate disrespect from anyone.

2. Take care of your body

â?¢ Be healthy. Find a happy medium for your weight, eat good natural food, get enough sleep, and exercise. Being healthy and energetic makes a woman attractive.

â?¢ Take care of your skin. Keep your skin scrupulously clean and try to avoid chemicals in your skin products.

â?¢ Be hygienic. A clean body is an attractive body.

â?¢ Keep hair healthy. Do not wash your hair too frequently, and always choose a natural shampoo and conditioner. Treat with coconut oil every few weeks.

â?¢ Be stylish. Choose your own particular style of dress, in which you are comfortable and which makes you feel attractive. Do not allow your personal style to be influenced by others. Do not expose yourself too much.

3. Smile and be respectful to others

â?¢ Don’t be afraid to smile. Smiling makes others feel more comfortable and you feel good about yourself as well. Smile often, but never fake a smile.

â?¢ Respect others. A rude, disrespectful woman is not attractive. Continue to treat others with respect and kindness, especially when they may not actually deserve it.

4. Be socially skilled

â?¢ Be willing to socialise â?? or not! If youâ??re not interested in large boisterous drunken parties, simply decline the invitation â?? donâ??t feel that you need to participate. Being uncomfortable in a particular social situation will not make you a more attractive woman.

â?¢ Be a skilled conversationalist. Increase your general knowledge and pay attention to world news and current affairs. Show an interest in others and ask questions. Always maintain eye contact when in conversation with someone, and be accepting of different opinions.

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