Wearing the right colours can instantly make you look bolder (and brighten up your complexion as an added bonus). Find out which hues to add to your wardrobe now….

Let’s face it, there are a plethora of shades, tones and hues out there so you’re definitely spoilt for choice. But some colours are definitely trendier than others. We show you which shades to add to your wardrobe now for a more fashion-forward look.

Go back to basics

When it comes to fashion, the majority of your wardrobe is probably comprised of neutral hues. This is a great basis but not all neutrals are created equal. The most chic options around include navy, basic black and greys. The good news is that colours complement just about any shade giving you more versatility and helping you make the most of your wardrobe.

Remember to opt for a touch of texture to showcase these neutral hues to best effect.

Keep things vibrant

When it comes to bright colours, there’s definitely been a shift in the most coveted colours to don – especially from a style perspective.

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Primary colours (yellow, red and blue) still remain the most popular choices, followed closely by secondary shades of green, pink and purple. The good news is that from a shade perspective, jewelled tones and richer shades of the colours mentioned are the best options.

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Say yes to subtle

Subtle shades such as pastels and olive green are also an excellent addition to your wardrobe. They give your look more oomph than neutrals but are still simple enough to match other items in your wardrobe easily. You can also opt for nude tones such as beige, fawn and tan.

As an added bonus these types of colours tend to soften your look and amp up your skin’s radiance.