If you’re looking to rock a fabulous and chic look at all times then this is for you. We reveal the top five style tips every woman should know…

Fashion sense doesn’t always come naturally, so give yours a boost with these style tips every woman should know.

We’ve summarised our five top tips to ensure you impart a stylish look:

Highlight your assets

Investing in clothing that works for your body type is essential. If you’re not sure what clothes work best for you, have a look at the most flattering items in your wardrobe and look for similar styles and silhouettes.

Consider your complexion

Your skin tone will dictate which colours will look best on you. If have a cool complexion, opt for colours like grey, silver, purple, blue and deep green. If your undertone is warm, then stock up on pieces in shades of red, yellow, gold, orange and olive green.

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Focus on the fit

Clothing that fits you properly is the most stylish and flattering option. The trick is to choose items that fit well at your waist. You can always opt to tailor and alter clothing to fit you perfectly. As a general rule, pieces that fit well on your figure immediately look smarter and cleaner.

Balance your look

When styling your outfit, keeping things balanced is critical. For example, if you’re wearing a classically tailored jacket, you can offset it by opting for a blouse or top in a softer fabric such as lace or chiffon or one that features an embellished element.

By the same token, if you’re choosing a voluminous bottom such as a flared midi skirt, you can balance the look by pairing it with a fitted top.

Accessorise intelligently

When it comes to accessories less is more. Thus, you should only opt for one statement piece per outfit then complement it with softer pieces. For example, pairing a bold necklace with stud earrings and neutral shoes and handbag.

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