Consider creating and having a plan in place for how you will handle high-calorie temptations when they arise. It could prevent you from gaining weight in the long run!

If you are constantly exposed to high-calorie temptations and find it difficult to resist them, you need to have a plan to put into action. For example, if you work in a bakery, you will be looking at delicious, mouth-watering, decadent cakes, biscuits, pastries and the like throughout your working hours. You will have to be very strong to stay away from these foods.

Keeping up with your weight-loss efforts

Creating a plan will assist you in keeping up with your weight-loss efforts. It will leave you in a better position to be fully in control of the situations you may find yourself in. Here are some ideas when it comes to creating such plans.

You could, as a suggestion, ask a work colleague to support you and your aims by keeping a watchful eye on you. They could remind you of your goals, especially if they feel that you are about to give in to your weakness.

Perhaps create a penalty for yourself if you do give in to any temptations, and make it a costly one! In this way, you will think twice the next time the temptation strikes.

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Distract yourself and think of something else other than food. Imagine yourself in a new outfit a few sizes smaller or perhaps in that new bikini you have your eye on. Keep yourself motivated! Before long, you may find that you are totally comfortable being around the high-calorie foods.