There was a time when the aim of professionally coloured hair was to convince the world that your hair colour was all-natural. That time has passed.

Hair colour trends are becoming more exciting and daring than ever before! Now, the hardest part of a salon visit is what hair colour to choose.

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Multi-coloured marvel

No. Highlights don’t count. Getting more than one contrasting colour in your hair is a big hair trend right now. Although it is similar to the unicorn hair trend, the colours don’t have to be the typical unicorn hair colours – anything from flaming hair to rainbow hair goes.

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Anime hair

A nice pastel-coloured bob used to be an alternative hairstyle, but now everyone from artsy students to soccer moms is experimenting with colour. A full head of pastel-coloured hair is a growing trend, and the best part about it is you don’t have to pair it with an adventurous hairstyle or outfit.

Like the characters in Anime cartoons, a purple bob can be worn like an everyday hairstyle in everyday clothes. This trend extends to cornrows and braids too, with an extended range of hair fiber colours.

Hit pause on recolouring

Whether you did your hair like that or you’re due for a touch-up on your hair dye job, the ombre trend is a great one and it’s relatively easy to get right at home.

Ombre hair works with both natural-looking hair colours and the outrageous. It also looks great on just about every hair type; straight and sleek, kinky, dreads, curly and wavy hair can all look great in ombre.

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All over grey

While some people are colouring their hair to cover their greys, others are actually colouring their hair grey. There are two ways to get the grey hair look: one is to recreate the natural grey parts of your hair, and the other is to colour your hair a solid grey colour, which doesn’t look natural but is equally stylish.

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 Temporary colour

With all the wild hair trends it can be hard to settle on one or even decide if a particular trend is the right one for you.

Temporary hair colour is a great way to test a look and let it fade naturally without having to recolour your hair and risk doing some serious damage by colouring it repeatedly in a short space of time.