The case for block heels isn’t just one about aesthetics. Although this version of the high heel comes in super fashionable varieties, there is more to the block heel than just fashion…

While we obviously love the look of the block heel, there’s so much more to love about it than just looks, and all this love justifies splurging a little on your next pair.

These are heels you can actually walk in all day

We love the way our high heels look, the extra height they give us and how they slightly change the way we move, but since the manufacture of the first stiletto, women have been looking for a way to make these shoes more comfortable.

With all the benefits of the stiletto, the block heel also offers something more: comfort. While they aren’t in the category of your favourite fluffy slipper, block heels are definitely more comfortable than the average stiletto.

block heels
Photo by Ivandrei Pretorius from Pexels

You are less likely to actually injure yourself

Along with the added comfort of a block heel, there is also the benefit of balance. Forget walking on stilts all day and possibly twisting your ankle.

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Block heels have a larger surface area, so it’s easier to keep your balance – meaning you don’t have to worry about any embarrassing falls.

They’re ultra-fashionable

Although a high a price doesn’t always guarantee the quality, we’re definitely looking into buying a pair of block heels that will survive longer than one season. Although block heels had fallen out of style for a while since the 90s, now that they’re trendy again and we’ve ‘walked a mile’ in these shoes, we aren’t turning back.

Fashion isn’t always practical and on the rare occasion that it is, we are taking full advantage!

Block heels are not a seasonal fad

We love boots and we love sandals, but what we love most of all are shoes we can wear all year round. There are different types of block heeled shoes, but the most practical and possibly the most popular style of block heels is the court shoe or pump.

Being able to fit them into your wardrobe throughout the year makes investing in a good pair of block heels an excellent idea, because even though we can’t really be sure how long the trend will last, you have ample opportunity to get your money’s worth.

block heel

 Wearing lower heels is still cool

It takes a little more than razzle-dazzle to convince the fashion world that your kitten heels are just slightly shorter stilettos. Although technically and by definition, kitten heels are actually just little stilettos, fashionistas the world over have always looked way down on kitten heels.

One of our favourite things about block heels is that they’re perfectly stylish, no matter the height of your heel.

block heels


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