Everything is made custom these days, from clothes to shoes and even your furniture. Aside from being really practical, bespoke furniture caters to the very specific needs and priorities of very different people.

Three big trends with bespoke furniture are eco-friendly furniture, multi-purpose furniture and furniture designed for very specific, specialised needs. Here’s what you need to know about each of these trends.

 1. Eco-friendly furniture

The most common type of eco-friendly furniture is furniture made out of recycled materials. Another benefit of this type of furniture is that it’s often made by small business owners and artisans by hand.

Some people also take the opportunity to make their eco-friendly furniture themselves using scraps and old furniture they already own.  Recycled furniture is not only better for the environment, but depending on how you get your furniture it can also be a budget-friendly option.

One of the most popular eco-friendly furniture trends is pallet furniture. Pallets are either cheap or free and can be used to make an assortment of stunning furniture at minimal expense.

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bespoke furniture trends

 2. Multi-purpose furniture

As homes become smaller, the demands we have on our furniture become higher. To earn their space in our homes, furniture pieces should serve more than just one purpose. Although the old school sofa bed is still a beloved furniture item and a welcome fixture in bachelor apartments and many small spaces; furniture manufacturers have come a long way in making creative, foldable, stackable and reconfigurable furniture that could put Optimus Prime to shame.

bespoke furniture trends

bespoke furniture trends

3.  Furniture to fit your specialised needs

People have different needs. While we all want very different things from our homes, for a long time we’ve been shopping at the same stores for the same things – which do serve a general-purpose but fall short on our specific needs.

The trend is to move away from the traditional approach to furniture and lean towards furniture that has been made to suit our specific physical needs. Whether you need extra length on your bed or lower shelves in your cupboards, people are looking to custom-made furniture that suits them perfectly, rather than generic furniture they need to live around.

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