Since they add freshness and a sense of peace to a home, it’s no wonder more people are decorating with indoor plants…

Plants not only help to create a peaceful ambience in a home; they also help improve your health by purifying the air. Apparently, being surrounded by greenery also lowers blood pressure and, happily, this benefit can be attributed to both real and faux plants.

Where faux plants come up trumps

While they don’t offer the same benefits as real plants, faux plants do allow for a lot more flexibility when it comes to placement in a home – like a dark room where nothing will grow. And let’s not forget that they are low maintenance and water-wise.

Block & Chisel director Susan McCoubrey carefully selects faux plants that look real, but allow for more scope from a décor point of view and don’t limit you to a watertight vessel.

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Pot them pretty

Whether you opt for faux or real plants, McCoubrey suggests potting them in a good vessel.

From glass, tin, ceramic to basketware, the material of your chosen vessel can help direct the look. Texture and colour are important to factor in when considering how your vessel will fit in with the overall décor style.

“This is a great step towards creating both a good home for your plant and an opportunity to bring colour and texture into your interiors,” says McCoubrey.

Foolproof indoor plants for even the brownest thumbs!

For a popular French country look, consider pots that help create a look reminiscent of French Provençale pottery, like the Anduze pots from Block & Chisel. French Provençale pottery, originally created in the 16th century, is an iconic symbol of French garden décor.

Remember, you’ll achieve an eclectic look with a variety of colours and textures, while similar vessels grouped together create a classic, more formal look.

Happy indoor gardening!