If you think that the KonMari approach to clearing up is extreme, join our weekly slow declutter challenge to get rid of just under 10 things a week

Kids grow up so fast – too fast – which means that if any space n a home needs regular decluttering, it’s your children’s rooms.

Here are six things that you could consider donating, selling or tossing out today…

1. Clothes

Kids grow out of clothes fast, so their wardrobes require regular clear outs.

You could either do this seasonally or put a box or bag in each child’s cupboard and dump clothes and shoes in it when you notice that they are too small.

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2.  Toys

Next, let’s tackle broken toys, games they’ve outgrown and soft toys that are simply collecting dust.

How you declutter toys all depends on your child’s age and maturity. With children of over 10 years old, you may be able to declutter together, making them feel part of the process and using their feedback to organise their spaces.

With younger children, it’s probably wiser to declutter when they are not at home, putting the toys in a box and keeping them stored somewhere out of sight for a few weeks. If your child suddenly notices that something is missing, you can haul a much loved toy out and save yourself world war three at home.

3. Children’s books

Children’s books can take a beating, especially during the toddler stage. Go through their libraries and either fix or put aside torn books. You may also want to remove storybooks that they have outgrown.


4. Children’s DVDs

We know that kids can watch the same movie again and again, but, like books, they can outgrow them. Sell or donate the DVDs that never get watched anymore.

5. Children’s artwork

If you have an artwork gallery wall or pinboard in your children’s rooms, they can fast become full of clutter.

One way to deal with an overload of artworks is by scanning them and turning them into a coffee-table book or magazine. Professional photo printing shops, like Orms and Studio22, may be able to help you do this, otherwise you could try Bumble Box . 

6. Children’s bedding

From Paw-Patrol to Thomas the steam train, themed bedding dates and kids outgrow the look.

Go through their bed linen and get rid of anything that no longer suits your child’s age and stage.

When replacing bed linen, consider going for neutral colours and adding themes with small, inexpensive items, like scatter cushions and framed prints, which can be easily changed as your children grow.