All4Women had the privilege of speaking to Miss SA finalist Kgothatso Dithebe who is determined to redefine the meaning of beauty by promoting self-love

When the Miss SA Top 16 was unveiled in Johannesburg earlier this month, many hailed this year’s diverse selection.

One young woman who stood out almost immediately is 24-year-old Kgothatso, whose facial birthmark drew a lot of attention on social media and indeed in the press.

We had the pleasure of speaking to the Miss SA contender on Mandela Day where she, and her fellow finalists made their way to Pretoria and spent time with children from the Reach a Dream Foundation.

From the moment our conversation began it was clear that Kgothatso took her role as a Miss South Africa finalist very seriously.

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More than anything, she expressed the desire to preach a message that is strong to her heart when she encouraged people to embrace the very traits that make them unique

She said, “I always tell people to be themselves. By being yourself you are bringing something that never existed in the world.

If I was not me I don’t think somebody could have paved the way for me to make it because I was trying to be someone else”.



The young woman from Centurion doesn’t need any reminding that she is unique; in fact she embraces the very characteristics that make her different

She spoke candidly about her birthmark and what it means for many other women that she can be recognised as beautiful but look different to the image that has usually been portrayed. She spoke honestly and calmly when she said, “I am here for people who feel like they don’t belong anywhere. I might look different to a lot of “normal” people [laughs and says ‘is that even the word to use?!’]

“I might look different to you. Yes, my face looks different because of a facial birthmark but here I am in the finals of Miss South Africa, do you have any ideas for the kind of motivation that gives to a lot of girls out there?”

However it’s not always easy or simple to embrace your uniqueness. Kgothatso admits that she too had a lot of challenges to overcome

Some she could control, others she had to heal from. The LLB student recalled her difficult childhood; “There was a time when I tried to fit in so much that I lost myself. I lost my self esteem and I just did not find my confidence. I didn’t live my childhood life because I was bullied and teased a lot.

“But as soon as I knew my power everything changed.

I remember waking up and feeling completely different person and that’s why I keep saying it’s important to love yourself, be yourself and feel yourself!”


Kgothatso will be vying for the Miss SA crown on the 9th of August when the grand finale takes place at the Sun Square Arena in Pretoria.

She and her 15 fellow finalists will be fancying their chances in what looks to be one of the most closely contested editions of the pageant to date.

Will you be backing Kgothatso to walk away with the crown from Pretoria next month?