Mmmmmm… there’s nothing better than a bowl full of thick, creamy butternut soup and fresh toast. The perfect mid-week pick-me-up, and nutrition boost. Try this beautiful, blunder-proof butternut soup recipe for a fail-safe dinner:

Beautiful, Blunder-Proof Butternut Soup recipe

If you’re looking for something a little more interesting with a bit of a ‘zing’, we love this ginger orange coriander butternut soup recipe:

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Ginger Orange Coriander Butternut Soup recipe


Some unusual soup recipes to try…

If you want a bit of a change, and you’re keen to try some different flavour combinations or unusual ingredients, take a look at these recipes below. From a seafood soup to an Italian bread soup, you’re spoiled for choice and flavour.


Try this flavour-filled recipe for seafood soup – serve with bread and a salad:

Seafood Soup recipe


If you’re a fan of Italian flavours and tomatoes, we recommend this recipe for Italian bread soup, otherwise known as Ribollita:

Italian Bread Soup recipe


There are some awesome ways to make budget-friendly cuts of meat taste like a million bucks. This divine Taiwanese recipe for beef and noodle soup uses beef shank or shin with loads of veggies, garlic and ginger:

Taiwanese Beef Noodle Soup recipe


So what about our favourite stews? Click page 3 below for some classic (and a few unusual) stew recipes to spice up your winter…