Matt Silver-Vallance landed safely on Saturday after floating from Robben Island to the mainland using 200 helium filled balloons. The navy sounded four fog horns to congratulate him on his achievement.

Silver-Vallance carried out the stunt in an attempt to raise R10 million for the building of the Nelson Mandela Children’s Hospital. He took off from the island early on Saturday.

Weather conditions

Due to wind conditions, Silver-Vallance had to let the colourful array of balloons go as he was pulled in by sea rescue vessels and rubber ducks earlier than expected. He fell onto a rubber duck and was not far from his target. He was meant to land beyond the breakers.

Waved as he passed

He waved when he passed the SAS Umhloti carrying journalists who were tracking his journey.

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During the day, the weather remained foggy with a slight drizzle. Earlier, take-off was delayed because the wind was blowing in the wrong direction and some balloons had popped.