Last updated on Jan 19th, 2021 at 12:23 pm

Need to save time? Simply adjust your daily routine to have more free time for the things you enjoy. Here’s how:

1.  Develop techniques to save time. Determine the quickest and most economical way to do things.

2.  Be focused on saving time. Focus on each task until satisfied before moving on to the next.

3.  Be flexible to help save time. Observe others or read about a new technique to learn how to perform efficiently.

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4.  Be consistent in saving time. Practise the same technique repeatedly until it becomes second nature. This will free your mind of even thinking about it.

5.  Get your family involved. Children love creative challenges. Develop their independence by teaching them to accomplish things quickly and efficiently. Be prepared to learn from them.

6.  Concentrate on everyday techniques. Determine the quickest way to shop, cook, mow the lawn, do the dishes/laundry, clean, make your bed, get yourself groomed, walk the dog or drive to work.

7.  Have a place for everything in order to save time. Designate a place for all items and consistently return them to their hook, shelf, or cupboard after each use. If you consistently store your chequebook, keys or sunnies in a designated place, time will not be wasted hunting for them.

8.  Keep a spare for household supplies. There’s nothing worse than running out of ink or having a light bulb burn out with no replacements to hand. Make sure you save time by having spares for essential household items. A car trip to go out and buy some essential article wastes fuel, time and energy.

9.  Refrain from browsing when you have emails to attend to. Handle your personal email immediately. Checking on Facebook and surfing the net can wait.

10.  Purchase a Smartphone with e-mail and internet access â?? if you can afford it.

  • Recording telephone numbers in your cellphone keeps contacts instantly accessible.

  • Receiving e-mails on your phone enables you to sort through them while waiting in line or during other periods where time would ordinarily be lost.

  • Similarly, internet access allows you to look up directions and other information while you are on the go.

11.  Sign up for automatic payments to save time.

  • Have all your income deposited electronically into your account.

  • Organise debit orders to pay permanent monthly expenses.

  • Time is wasted by writing cheques, finding/buying stamps and envelopes and making a trip to the post box. Furthermore, accounts will be paid more promptly.

12.  Store receipts in a folder. Being able to quickly locate your receipts will save time.

  • Separate receipts for items you may wish to return.

  • Separate receipts awaiting statements.

  • After paying a statement, discard receipts for things consumed, such as gasoline, food, haircuts.

  • Always attach a receipt to a warranty.

13.  Reward yourself for the time youâ??ve saved. Make the most of the time youâ??ve saved by doing something/anything that you find rewarding and pleasurable.

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