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Do you have a grumpy co-worker in your office?  Someone who never seems to smile?  Who complains and gripes about everything and everyone? Co-workers who are grumpy might have personal problems about which you know nothing.

Have you considered why the grumpy co-worker is grumpy in the first place?  Is there too much chit-chat in the office keeping them from their work?  Is the air-con too cold (or too hot)? Are they maybe in pain with a chronic physical problem?

So instead of ignoring a grumpy co-worker or becoming impatient with them, why not try to help the grumpy co-worker have a happier day.
Here are a few tips on how to help cheer up a grumpy co-worker.

1.  Smile and pay a compliment as you pass by

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A simple smile when you pass each other can go a long way to help the grumpy co-worker. Saying something nice to that person may change the way they think about themselves, and you.

2.  Talk to the grumpy co-worker

Communication is a crucial part of the work environment. Not doing so could lead to frustration, hurt, anger, and anxiety. Exchange a few casual words with the grumpy co-worker a few times a day, but be sensitive to the extent to which the grumpy co-worker wishes to interact and share. Try to get across to them that people really do care without pushing them to communicate.

3.  Be open towards the grumpy co-worker

Allow yourself to be translucent to the other person. This allows more communication, and a mutual respect for each other. Often, they will take your openness as a cue to open up themselves.

4.  Try to get the grumpy co-worker to laugh with you

Laughter is a powerful healing tool that can break an awkward silence, and lighten the heaviest of moods. Maybe the grumpy co-worker has a negative view of the other people in the office.  It might help to draw him or her into a group where a joke is being shared.  This might ease the atmosphere in the office and help to introduce a light familiarity among the co-workers.

5.  Look for common ground

Ask questions, or just observe the grumpy co-worker to find common interests. It could be anything â?? for example, kids, sports, movies or favourite places to visit. Find that common ground and it will certainly help to ease all the awkward silences.
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