Itâ??s January and youâ??ve decided to make some changes. This year, make it all about simplifying your life and your spaces.

1. Simplify your clutter…

…by examining if all the â??stuffâ?? you have is adding value to your life or causing you stress. Itâ??s wonderful to buy new things and keep old souvenirs but if it limits your capacity to be happy, be brave and get rid of it.  You can give to charities or sell the items if that helps.

2. Simplify memories

We all have those ‘things’ that we can’t bear to part with and thatâ??s ok unless itâ??s taking over your life.

Remember memories arenâ??t held in things, so this year archive old letters, wrap and box the trinkets in the house that aren’t your style but you want your children to have, box up clothes (with moth balls and tissue paper), and if you have an attic/garage with space, store the items in labelled boxes.
But remember, to avoid high drama, make sure you have a list of who is getting what!

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3. Simplify family life

To prevent clashes in schedules and missing important events, set up a message system that your family can adopt. A magnetic board or clipboards for each family member would do the trick and would surely save you the stress of finding out at 20h00 that you have to supply goodies for cake and candy the next day.

4. Simplify your to-do list

If you make tasks part of your daily routine (and donâ??t procrastinate) you will simplify your daily life. File regularly, do the laundry more often or weed the garden whenever you can. Do this for a week or so and soon it will be routine and â??pilesâ?? will be banished.

5. Simplify your time

Start saying no to events and activities that hold no interest to you and your available time will multiply in a flash. For those activities in which you do not participate, start scheduling realistic pockets of time towards them. Planning ahead will also simplify your time.
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