More and more of us have got smartphones and tablets, and the number is expected to rocket this year, but how many of us ever really learn to make full use of these marvelous (and expensive) electronic marvels?

If you have made the investment, does it not make sense to make the most of it?


You will be amazed at what you can do, if you understand how.

Smartphones – like the Samsung Galaxy S3, and the Apple iPhone 4/4s or 5, the HTC One and the Nokia Lumia – are extraordinarily powerful marvels – a kind of cross between a light mobile phone and a computer.

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The same applies to tablets, such as the Apple iPad and iPad Mini, and the Samsung Galaxy Note and Tab.

Smartphone marvels

 These smartphone marvels (and the tablets and tabs) enable you to:

  • Do your online banking

  • Buy all manner of goods and services

  • Do all your social networking – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn etc.

  • Send and receive emails, and messages

  • Play games

  • Watch movies and TV shows (online or saved)

  • Take, send and receive great photos and videos

  • Keep up with fashion

  • Keep up with the news

  • Install and run hundreds of thousands of apps 

  • And even run an online business 

Oh yes, nearly forgot, they can make phone calls too!

Like to learn more?

Would you like to learn more about how to use your Samsung, Apple, Nokia, Blackberry or HTC smartphone or tablet?

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