Depression can be a dark and lonely battle, but a number of celebrities have made the effort to remind us that we are not alone in the fight against the dark illness

By opening up and seeking help, you could be giving yourself a lifeline and paving the path towards recovery.

These celebrities are evidence that with help and through addressing your condition, there is light at the end of the dark tunnel.

Here are some celebrities to whom you can relate if you have ever or are currently battling depression

James Small

The world was shocked by the untimely death of Springbok rugby player James Small earlier this month

Although James lost his life to a heart attack, he suffered with debilitating depression during the height of his career.

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 During an unsuccessful attempt to end his life in 2001, James received a call from then president Nelson Mandela who had a special message for him. Twitter user @Oom_Rugby recalled the story on social media;

“James was struggling with things at that stage and told the president that a big issue was his battle to adapt to life outside of rugby. He had been in the spotlight for the best part of a decade and thrived in that environment. Now he was at such a low and not sure of his identity.

“President Mandela listened to him and then said something along the lines of: ‘I know what if feels like if you think people have forgotten about you. I went through it as well in my time in prison’. In that moment James says he swallows hard and had instant perspective.

“How big were his problems really compared to what the president had to endure? The president tells James that he (James) still has a responsibility, as he was from the history-making Springbok World Cup class of 1995. He tells James that even if you think people have forgotten about you, they haven’t. President Mandela says: ‘You still have much to give and you are still a hero to many. That is your identity’.

“James says that it was the moment that changed his life. The fact that Mandela bothered to have a concern about him and then somehow had his people to track him down so he could deliver such a perspective – a guy who went through much worse. That is when James stood up again.”

We have no doubt that those encouraging words from Madiba himself put James back on the right track

Gigi Lamayne


Gigi Lamayne’s battle with depression reached an almost fatal climax last year when she attempted to take her life.

Since then, she has dedicated her life and career to helping those who are also afflicted with the mental condition.


K Naomi

K Naomi revealed that, during 2018, she reached her “lowest point” due to a battle with depression that made her feel as if she had no positive direction in which to turn.