Plants can add vibrancy to a home. There’s also an increasing body of evidence that suggests they’re good for us too!

From keeping the air clean to helping us focus better, it’s worth adding a plant or two to your home.

It’s important that they are safe for the whole family, however. Both young kids and pets can fall for the allure of a glossy dark leaf, be it playing with the plant, nibbling on the leaves or otherwise.

It’s important to make sure the plants you bring into the home are safe for everyone

There are some noted no-nos for home plants, especially Oleander, a gorgeous, glossy-leafed plant that is highly poisonous for toddlers and pets alike. 

Remember that many human-safe pants are not pet suitable. Cats, especially, are very different metabolically from their owners and can be poisoned by several common house plants that are fine for the rest of the family.

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Plants that are perfectly safe for humans, but will hurt your pets, include:

  • All lilies, especially Calla Lilies
  • English Ivy and other variants
  • Elephant Ear plants

So what is safe? If you’d like an easy-care, attractive houseplant, spider plants may be up your alley. Likewise most palms, our gorgeous native Aloes, Lucky Bamboo, and the dainty African Violet are all family friendly and attractive too. Orchids provide a touch of luxury to any interior, but are considerably challenging to handle. Both violets and orchids are edible too!

There are many beautiful pet- and kid-safe plants available on the market, so don’t take a risk with your treasured family!