Open plan homes are gorgeously light and breezy, but with an ever-increasing burden of gadgets in our daily life, it can get noisy too. If you’re desperate for a little solitude, here’s help!

Isolate the noise makers

What’s actually the problem? Isolating the gadgets that are causing noise pollution will help you decide how to address them. PCs, tech devices and kitchen gadgets are typically the worst offenders.

When you’re re-buying these items, pay attention to their noise ratings, and opt for quieter versions. Don’t forget to use phone settings to help control the flow of notifications during family time.

The solution: set up specific areas in your home for them

Charger stations, or a home ‘office’ space (even if it’s the kitchen table) will help ensure that these noisy gadgets don’t start intruding on the solitude of your bedroom or other quiet zones.

If you don’t have the space for a laundry room or pantry, consider moving big gadgets like dryers and washing machines out to the garage.

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If a stereo’s powerful subwoofer is at the root of the issue, consider purchasing an ‘isolation pad’ to pop underneath it. This will prevent the sound from spreading to quieter areas, without impacting the sound quality when you use it.

Get smart with dampening

No, you don’t need to make your home a music studio! But smart use of soft furnishings can help limit noise pollution considerably.

Thick curtains, wall-mounted fabrics, and even furniture can all help dampen out the vibes that are distressing you. If the problem is really bad, or you live in multi-level apartments, you can also consider sound-dampening ceiling panels in a pleasing aesthetic.

Don’t underestimate the power of a closed door, either. Paired with insulation strips in the door frame, this can be a strong tool to keep things calm.

Fix up your home

Squeaky floors, rattling pipes and other audible nuisances can wear on your nerves fast. The great news is that many of these ‘unfixable’ woes actually have super-simple fixes. For a little time and DIY energy, you’ll be able to restore peace and quiet.

A quiet home will help you keep your peace and solitude, and help you face your day with a brighter mind and happier soul.