Yoga is an excellent practice for couples because it lets you step into a new, exciting experience together

The majority of people know the impressive advantages of yoga; however, few have heard about ‘couples’ yoga’ and its positive impact on relationships. Yoga is good for all relationships because it relaxes people and allows them to escape from the stressors of daily life, but practicing it with your significant other can take these benefits to the next level; it can really improve your relationship.

For example, it can serve as a ‘workshop’, in which you and your partner strengthen your relationship through paying attention to each other and working together to achieve common goals.

Isn’t that great?

Plus, you won’t have to perform crazy inversions or twists until you’re ready. Just slow, deliberate movements and relaxing poses will bring you closer together.

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Here’s why yoga is a good way to improve your relationship:

1. It reduces stress and relaxes both partners

I don’t need to tell you how stressed most of us are on a daily basis. If personal drama, work, traffic, conflicts and other issues frustrate us we occasionally take out our frustration on our partner. You should avoid this because it can lead to serious, unnecessary arguments.

Yoga can help both of you with this situation. It helps release tension and create a more relaxed environment, in which you can forget about daily issues and focus on the present. As a result, yoga reduces stress, anxiety and depression.

Even simple romantic gestures facilitate relaxation when you perform them with your partner during yoga. Take hand-holding, for example. A study published in Psychological Science Journal found that women who anticipated pain felt much less anxious when holding their husband’s hand.

Poses that require you and your partner to hold hands include Savasana, Coordinated Breathing, and Alternating Seated Straddle Stretch.

2. It’s a fun, new way to spend time together

You and your partner are probably used to doing things like going out for dinner or watching movies and drinking wine. If you want to switch things up, yoga can be an awesome addition to your routine that’s a lot of fun. You’ll have the opportunity to try new, exciting poses and laugh together when your first attempts fail. Besides, simply trying yoga can help you feel more satisfied with your relationship because you’re trying something new and exciting together. In fact, there is scientific evidence supporting the claim that couples’ shared participation in new activities increases relationship quality.

It makes perfect sense, right? Doing yoga means doing something fun while spending quality time together, sharing a special, meaningful experience.

“Yoga is a perfect fun activity for couples,” says Brianna Morrison, a writer at essay writing service A-writer. “Working as a writer means many hours in the office, so yoga was great for spending quality time together and leaving a pleasant impression on me and my husband.”

Even though couples’ yoga is not sexual in nature, it can do wonderful things for your sex life

3. It builds trust

Doing yoga with a partner often involves performing a series of poses in which you need to be in complete harmony with each other. In some situations, for example, this means that you should trust your partner to hold you and not drop you.

Putting complete faith in your partner is a great way to be in harmony with them. As a result, you’ll learn to trust your partner and be vulnerable around them while knowing that they will always support you.

4. Improved intimacy and sex life

Even though couples’ yoga is not sexual in nature, it can do wonderful things for your sex life. For example, when two people sync their movements, breathing and postures, it facilitates intimacy.

In fact, science supports the benefits of partner yoga for your sex life. A research study conducted by scientists from Loyola University Health System, found that yoga cleared negative energy and eliminated the distance and resentment that can develop in marriage over time.

“Partner yoga can clear this negative energy and help a couple reconnect and become comfortable with touch and intimacy,” says Susan Walsh, PsyD, a psychologist and certified yoga instructor for Loyola’s Sexual Wellness Clinic.

Yoga is an excellent practice for couples because it lets you step into a new, exciting experience together – an experience that reduces stress and strengthens both your body and love. Give it a try, and you’ll experience these amazing benefits in your relationship. Your area must have some options for couples looking to practice yoga, so feel free to check them out!

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