So you’ve decided that want to lose weight, but you don’t want to read through a million tips, just to find that the majority of them may or may not actually help you?

Well, you’ve come to the right place. Here are a bunch of things you can add to your balanced eating plan to make real progress with no confusion.

1.     Don’t listen to anyone else

Once you have decided on a plan that suits your lifestyle, and you are convinced that it’ll work then STOP LISTENING TO ANYONE ELSE. The last thing you need is to be taking advice from people with ideas that may conflict with the idea that you are involved in.

All that does is create doubt, which leads to worry, which leads to inactivity. Once you’ve committed, then put your head down and do the plan for twelve to twenty weeks before you think about trying something else.


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2.     Get on the scale every morning

Your morning routine needs to change. You need it to go like this: wake up, WEIGH YOURSELF (after you’ve relieved yourself!), write down your weight in a book. The weight doesn’t matter nearly as much as the changes in your eating that will come from seeing your weight right at the beginning of the day.

You’ll find yourself making healthier choices, eating smaller portions, and generally doing your diet more successfully. This, in turn, will make your weight decrease over time.



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