Are you spending a fortune on heating, only to feel cold and draughty anyway? Your home could be the culprit!

Here’s how to make sure your home stays warmer (and your electricity bill lower) this winter…

Insulate doors and windows

By far the most of the heat lost domestically finds its way out through cracks in our doors and windows. In fact, this draughty insulation is well known to be the number one budget-wasting home inefficiency!

Sticky-backed rubber insulation can be easily and quickly applied to ill-fitting window frames to cut down on draughts. Be sure to attend timeously to draughty doors too, as this can actually indicate larger problems like subsidence or issues with the frame.

Give the geyser and pipes a blanket

Geysers are another serious electricity hog. Installing a ‘geyser blanket’ ( a form of insulation for the geyser) is a simple DIY process, and will help prevent wasted heat escaping into your roof. Be sure to insulate pipes too for best results.

Check out your roof

Once your doors and windows are secure, look to the roof for remaining heat leakage. Heat rises naturally, so allowing it to escape from the roof is a no-no. In-roof insulation is quick and easy to have added, and the small expense in getting it installed will quickly be recouped from your reduced electricity bill.

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A cosy, warm home and less to pay each month? What could be better! Use these heat-smart tips to help your budget stay leaner and your home warmer.