How often do you clean your cleaning tools? Let’s be honest – we don’t often think about cleaning the tools we use to help us clean everything else, but we really should. Here’s your cheat-sheet on keeping your tools as clean as the rest of your home…

Towels, dishcloths and cotton cleaning items

Cotton is a robust, heavy-duty fabric that’s perfect for cleaning. That’s why you’ll find it in everything from your towels to your cleaning cloths. It is prone to holding damp, however, which means mould can become an issue.

That’s why towels will often get a little smelly if left in a ball overnight. Regular washing is key to keeping them clean. For cleaning cloths and mop heads, consider a boil wash (like the diaper cycle) once a month, or more frequently if required.

Use separate cloths for different tasks, to avoid cross-contamination. You don’t want to smear pet hair on your drinking glasses, after all!

Don’t forget sponges and brooms!

Sponges also need regular disinfecting. Pop the sponge in a bowl of water, and microwave for 30 seconds to maintain a hygienic cleaning surface. You could also soak in a disinfectant solution, although this will hasten the wear on the sponge. Regardless of regular cleaning, be sure to swap sponges out often, too.

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Broom heads can be cleaned with a little dish soap and a good rinse.

Pop your sponge in a bowl of water, and microwave for 30 seconds to maintain a hygienic cleaning surface

Beat dust at the source

Most dusting cloths work by drawing the dust to them, instead. You don’t want to go wipe a surface with last week’s dust! Be sure to at least shake all dusters and dusting cloths well outside. Remember that microfibre cloths will only truly release the dirt they accumulate if washed at 60 degrees C or higher, so factor that into your cleaning schedule.

Clean tools will make your regular cleaning tasks considerably easy, so be sure to take a little time each week to keep them sparkling.