From the very beginning, this ‘holiday town’ in Wanli, Taiwan was a failure

According to reports, a number of suicides and unexplained accidents took place during its construction in the 1970s, and the town is rumoured to be ‘haunted’.

Where did the weirdly-shaped cabins come from? They were originally designed by a Finnish architect (Matti Suuronen) in the 1960s and 1970s as a lightweight, easy-to-assemble, mobile ski cabin. The pods are made from fibreglass and feature two different styles – the UFO-like ‘Futuro’, and the more rectangular, oblong ‘Venturo’.

How they ended up in Taiwan is not clear, except that the town was constructed by a Taiwanese businessman Mr. Su Ming, who hoped that the pods would be sold as holiday accommodation.

The project was eventually abandoned. A few of the pods are still used occasionally by holidaymakers and surfers, but the majority of them have fallen into disrepair.

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