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If you’d love to revamp your bathroom, the first step is always a good declutter session.

Here are 10 items that you may have in your bathroom that may be better off in the bin…

  1. Expired personal care-beauty products.
  2. Beauty and hair products that you don’t use. Do you have a few face creams, masks or hair products that you tried, but didn’t like and stuck in the back of the bathroom cupboard? Pass them on to someone who will use them.
  3. Expired medicines. Go through your medicine cabinet, remove all expired medicine and take it to your local pharmacy for safe disposal.
  4. Old towels, facecloths and worn-out bathmats. Cut these up and turn them into cleaning rags.
  5. Bath gifts that you’ll never use. If you have gift sets of bath salts and bubble bath stocked up, even though you prefer to shower, it’s time to re-gift or donate.
  6. Free personal care and beauty product samples. If you’ve saved free beauty product samples for over three months, it’s time to either use them or bin them. I find that popping sample creams into my handbag ensures that I actually use them, rather than forgetting about a stash of samples in the bathroom cabinet.
  7. Old toothbrushes.
  8. Tired, outdated or mouldy decor. The 1980s called for all the bowls of mouldy potpourri and other dated decor littering bathrooms around the country.
  9. Old sponges. 
  10. Synthetic toilet spray. No matter what the can says, no toilet spray can make a bathroom smell like a field of flowers or a pine forest. What it does instead is fill your bathroom with a bunch of chemicals and who needs that? Try a scented soya candle or make your own air freshener with water and a few drops of your favourite essential oil in a water spray bottle.

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