This ‘article’ is unadulterated frivolity. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

I should preface this blog post by warning you that it is a complete and unashamed piece of frivolity bearing no journalistic integrity whatsoever.

It’s Friday and I’m in a silly mood, so I’m getting the weekend started early by bringing you five of the best of television’s bad boys.

I make no claims that this is a comprehensive list – it’s simply a collection of gorgeous baddies from the TV shows that I am sometimes ashamed to admit I watch.

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Chuck Bass

The bad boy in designer clothes, Chuck Bass (main picture) has been making Gossip Girl fans swoon for four seasons now.

I love a bad boy who has good taste, and any guy who can rock a pocket square and a bowtie gets a thumbs-up from me for having quirky style.

His on-again-off-again love affair with Blair Waldorf shows us that he has some redeeming qualities – and we all know that what makes any bad boy appealing is the challenge to bring out his good side. We love this ‘motherchucker’.

Dr McSteamy

Dr Mark Sloan (aka McSteamy) of Grey’s Anatomy can give me a physical any day! With a fantastic jaw line and sometimes sporting a silly little moustache, he is the perfect counterpart to Dr McDreamy, the good guy. He also has a fantastically buff body.

Incorrigible, flirtatious and charming, McSteamy has worked his way through Seattle Grace Hospital’s female staff, starting with his best friend’s wife, Addison, as well as Callie Torres and Lexie Grey. The doctor is in, indeed!

Damon Salvatore

Vampires are the ultimate bad boys, aren’t they? There’s nothing like seeing a vicious killing machine brought to his knees by the love of a good woman. Damon from The Vampire Diaries is no exception.

When he first shows up, you want to hate him because he’s such a turd. He’s rude, cruel and ruthless, and worst of all, he’s mean to his hot brother Stefan.

But then he starts to fall for Stefan’s girlfriend Elena, and shows he has a soft side.

The best part (spoiler alert!) is when he confesses his love to her then wipes her memory of it because he ‘doesn’t deserve’ her. Be still, my beating heart!

Dr Christian Troy

Probably the most conceited of them all, Christian spent six seasons shocking Nip/Tuck viewers with his antics.

I don’t think anything is ever off limits as far as Dr Troy is concerned – he accepted money in exchange for sex, duped his ex-fiancée into believing he wanted her back just so he could bang her again and slept with his best friend’s fiancée the night before their wedding.

I don’t think there’s anything he wouldn’t do to get laid.

He is also outrageously vain and completely unapologetic about his horndog ways.

He does, however, have a million-dollar smile, is in great shape for a man in his 40s, and has moments of redemption – his ongoing love and fight for the child Wilbur (even after it becomes obvious that Christian is not the father – Wilbur is half-black) being the most memorable.

Eric Northman

True Blood‘s Vampire Eric is hard to like at first. I was not a fan of the long hair in season one, and Eric came into the show some time after I’d had my heart stolen by the charming Vampire Bill.

He also abducts my favourite character, Lafayette, and keeps him in an underground dungeon and tortures him for three weeks. What’s to like?

It was only after Eric had to cut his hair off (after getting blood on it while getting his highlights put in) and after Sookie has some extremely erotic dreams about him that he gets hot. He also develops feelings for Sookie, showing that he does still have some humanity.

As Oprah would say, wowee kazowee. Or, as my sister said, after seeing this shocking, disturbingly sexy Rolling Stone cover, “Vampire Eric, don’t ever put your clothes on.”

Who is your favourite TV bad boy?

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