I finally know why thin people are thin: it’s not about WHAT they eat, but rather how much!
I know this won’t be big news to some of you, but it is to me. I’ve been on a restricted diet for three weeks – no sugar, bread, cheese, wine, cake, chocolate, sweets, puddings, ice-cream, anything with white flour, white rice or white pasta, and I haven’t lost a kilogram!
Having been put on this enforced diet to treat a health condition, I was cheered by the fact that at least cutting out all the food I love would cause the weight to drop off. Not so.
Weight loss is all about portion size
My diet for the past three weeks has consisted of vegetables, meat, chicken, fish, and potatoes. Bored with the lack of variety, I’ve loaded up on the meat and potatoes – to feel full and satisfied. And all that animal fat and starch has counteracted the lack of sugar and bread.
I watch skinny woman eat junk and not put on weight
But guess what? When it comes to the time to eat a meal, the portion they dish up would hardly have filled me at the age of three.
Lots of thin people ‘graze’
I have a friend who snacks all day and it doesn’t go to her waist. But when she eats dinner, there’s a tablespoon of rice on her plate, a chicken breast and vegetables. If we order pizza, she stops at two slices.
The babysitter we use snacks on the chips, popcorn or chocolate we leave for her, but hardly makes a dent in the pasta or casseroles I make for dinner.

I’m not saying that we should all only fill up on junk: unfortunately we wouldn’t be healthy if we did. But the secret to dropping a dress size seems to be more frequent, smaller meals, and thinking about how much we load onto our plates at meal-times.
Eating out and portion size
I’m going to go for the medium pastas, small pizzas and the children’s menu (if they’ll let me) in future. I kid myself that it’s okay to eat a large pizza if I choose the vegetarian one, and that pasta is fine if the sauce is a tomato-base one, but eating until I have to undo the top button of my jeans is not the way to lose weight.
Check out the eating habits of your skinny friend sometime: she’ll never turn down that slice of carrot cake but watch how much she puts on her plate at supper time…