Have just read on IOL that Anni Dewani was not meant to die – does this mean that her husband did not take out a hit on her?
According to one of the main suspects, Mziwamadoda Qwabe, whose statement has just been revealed for the first time (do I smell something fishy here SAP?), rather than being a planned hit, there was never any intention that she should die.
This sure casts doubt on police claims that Anniâ??s murder was planned and paid for by husband Shrien.
Was it actually a hijacking and robbery gone horribly wrong?
According to IOL, in a confession made to detectives five days after Anni was shot once in the neck, the alleged murderer said â??we did not plan to kill herâ?.
Does this mean that Shrien was set up for Anniâ??s murder by authorities wanting to deflect attention from our countryâ??s dismal crime statistics?
Qwabe and his alleged accomplice, Xolile Mngeni, are said to be the two hitmen hired by Shrien Dewani for R15 000. Four people have been arrested, and the taxi driver, Zola Tongo, has already admitted murder.
A court hearing in Cape Town last week was told that Qwabe confessed he had been driving the hijacked car when Anni was shot. At the hearing Qwabe said that while he was driving he heard a single shot, got scared and pulled over to the side of the road.
According to the court report, Qwabe then got out of the car and saw Mngeni looking for the bullet shell. It was Qwabe who found the casing and threw it in a drain while they were running away.
But it has now come to light that the court was not told about the most crucial element of Qwabeâ??s testimony – his claim that the pair â??never planned to killâ? Anni.
Other media are questioning the murder details, saying that if the accused had planned to kill Anni, then surely they would have done it somewhere where they could properly dispose of the weapon? 
Lawyers for Shrien Dewani are claiming that he should not be extradited to face trial in South Africa as his reputation has been so damaged by the South African authorities that he will not get a fair trial.
Dewaniâ??s spokesman Max Clifford said: â??What has come out of South Africa has been totally misleading.â? – Daily Mail.
I’m all for the guy being strung up if he is guilty – but what if he’s not?

What if it turns out that Shrien is a victim of police corruption? We all know that it wouldn’t be the first time…
Do you think that Shrien is entitled to a fair trial and that everyone should be regarded as innocent until proven guilty – or is he guilty of murder, and is just using good lawyers to get off?
Yesterday I had convicted him – in my mind. Today, I’m not so sure…