Sir Rod Stewart takes 50 pairs of socks with him to every performance.

The 74-year-old rocker likes to make sure that he has a huge selection of colourful garments with him when he does a show because it’s important to him that his feet match his outfit when he’s on stage.

Speaking to The Sun‘s ‘Bizarre’ column, he said: “I’ve got a tray of 30 out on the dressing room table here and another two trays back there, there’s got to be at least 50 with me.”

And it’s not just socks he collects as the Maggie May hitmaker also has a wide range of blazers.

An insider explained: “Rod takes his sense of style very seriously and likes to have plenty of choice for each gig. He always has extra blazers to choose from hung up around the dressing room and his socks are just as important. It’s not quite an obsession yet but he does enjoy collecting them.”

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Rod’s obsession with socks shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise to fans as his wife Lady Penny Lancaster recently revealed that she always buys his cashmere garments for his toes for his birthday and Christmas because he regularly complains of cold feet on planes and in bed.

The 48-year-old model said: “There’s Rod the rock star who gets up on the stage and sings.

“And there’s the Rod I’m married to, the very funny, very loving, family man who just loves being surrounded by the people he loves and those who love him.

“Rod is pretty easy to please. He never really wants anything, the things he likes are very simple luxuries – really good brushes for his model railway hobby and cashmere socks which he loves to wear in bed and on planes because he gets really cold feet.”

The couple have sons Alastair, 13, and Aiden, 10, together.

Author: BANG Showbiz