Trees provide a lush, shady look to your garden that is hard to beat. Yet, without proper maintenance and planning, they can also make for a lot of DIY and garden headaches.

Here’s how to pick the right tree to enhance your landscape without making maintenance an annoyance down the line…

Know the tree’s type

Before deciding whether a tree species is right for your garden, it’s time to crunch some numbers.

  • Does it have wide roots?
  • How tall will it get?
  • Does it drop its leaves seasonally, and when is the worst drop season?
  • Is it on the forbidden species list?

With these facts under your belt, you can pick the right choice, and head off a lot of heartache in the process.

Examine where you want to place it

Knowing how the tree will grow, you can now find the right spot for it in your yard.

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  • Even the best tree’s roots will change the landscape over time, so don’t plant near foundations, walls or paving.
  • Pay some attention to where key underground features run too, such as sewage, telephone, fibre and power lines.
  • Remember that falling leaves can cause issues with gutters and pools too.
  • Avoid over-shading rooms where you want bright sun.

Select the final spot for your tree carefully, and you’ll have a match made in heaven.

Indigenous trees are typically the best picks, both for easy gardening and for the planet. But regardless of the type of tree you choose, a little careful planning will reap a lifetime of gorgeous garden benefits.