Last updated on Jan 19th, 2021 at 11:28 am

At least you get to choose what colour to wear to your own wedding!

The Anglican Church has raised objections to royal bride Kate Middleton’s plans to wear a white dress when she marries Prince William on 29 April 2011.

“While there is no doubting Kate’s purity of spirit, the fact that she has been William’s live-in girlfriend poses ‘considerable difficulties’, say ecclesiastical insiders,” reports UK newspaper The Independent.

The issue here is that once king, William will be considered the head of the Church of England, making it somewhat inappropriate for his bride to wear a colour symbolising virginity on her wedding day, when she is clearly not a virgin.

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Apparently Middleton’s family is still arguing for a white dress, but Prince Charles sympathises with the Archbishop of Canterbury, who raised the objection.

“A compromise involving peach or â?? a nice environmental touch â?? light green is being discussed,” says The Independent.

I’m not a huge follower of the royals (certainly not enough to contemplate taking a walking tour of London to follow their blossoming love story!) but this tickled me.

Is this just another small price to pay for royalty? Kate will no doubt have a wedding that many women dream of, with her pick of the best designers to create her wedding gown. Is it such a big deal that she can’t wear white?

Many modern brides choose not to wear white dresses anyway, opting for ivory, grey, even silver instead. Some women, however, won’t even entertain the idea of anything but white on their big day.

The notion that all women must be virgins on their wedding days is a sexist and rather outdated one, I think, but is still observed in many religions.

I suppose if you’re going to marry into a family that is inextricably connected to the Church, you must respect their rules.

What do you ladies make of all this? What colour will/did you wear on your wedding day?