After offending the South African gay community with her comments last week, Zodwa Wabantu has finally issued a public apology for the homophobic utterances she made on her reality show

Zodwa dominated headlines last week, but it was not for the usual reasons. People were not celebrating her dance moves or gawking at her outfits; she was not being defended after being denied access to an African state.

This time, the knives were out for the socialite after her comments turned an entire community against her.

After a week of strong backlash however, Zodwa has finally apologised to the dozens of men who voiced their discontent at her homophobic views.

The furore was all sparked by comments she made in a recent episode of her reality show, Zodwa Wabantu Uncensored, where she claimed that gay men were “naughty” and accused them of constantly feuding with female celebrities because they wanted to be women themselves.

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Her words were not taken lately and after South Africans caught on, there were calls to have her show cancelled from television.

After realising the damage she had caused, Zodwa has now humbled herself and issued a public apology exactly a week after the offensive episode aired

The dancer reserved the opening segment of this week’s episode of Uncensored for a heartfelt apology where she said, I would like to apologise profoundly. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean it like that. I am not homophobic, I just didn’t know.

“When I said what I said, I was in no way thinking that the comments would hurt my people or even encourage other people to hurt them. I don’t want to see people hurt because of words I said. I walk around half naked and I wouldn’t want to be harassed or raped, I also don’t want any of that for them,” she said.

Watch the full clip of her apology below:



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I’m Sorry 🙏❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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The apology was met with mixed reaction on social media

On her own pages, many of her followers accepted her apology with one understanding fan even writing, “[sic] Apology accepted my darling zodwa 😘❤️ we love you gaaaaal bi’s, gays, trans n les you are authentically you n it makes us proud we back you up ghal n we appreciate you acknowledging your faults”

However on Twitter, not everybody was convinced, with some believing that,not only did she know what she was talking about, but that she fully meant her comments at the time.

Do you believe that Zodwa Wabantu’s apology is worthy of forgiveness or does she need to atone further?

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