Get out of your hair rut with these zero-effort hairstyles you can achieve in minutes…

Anyone else feel that, when it comes to hair, we spend half our time complaining that we’re tired of the same old go-to style we put it in every other day (hello classic ponytail or bun!) and the other half realizing that we should have left five minutes ago and have zero time to try anything new with our hair?

It’s super easy to fall into a hairstyle rut – regardless of how awesome your haircut is – because everyone wants to change things up from time to time. To help you out, we’ve rounded up our favourite zero-effort hairstyles to inspire you to try something new in the morning; and trust us when we say they take a matter of minutes…

Low ponytail

Everyone’s go-to is the classic mid head ponytail, sometimes alternated with a high ponytail, but the low ponytail is often forgotten about and for some reason seems to be treated like the ugly step-sister of ponytails. The truth is, this is the most classic and chic of all the ponytails, making it perfect for work and a night out. Keep this one slick and pull back all your hair off your face, and you can change it up by alternating between a mid and side parting. This one couldn’t be simpler, and works for various hair lengths.

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Loose, messy side braid

If you know how to do a braid, you can do this fabulous ‘do – and it’s actually easier than braiding your hair at the back. This is a favourite of the zero-effort hairstyles as it results in an effortlessly pretty look that seems to have taken some serious skill and time. Simply braid your hair one the side of your head, secure, and then tug gently at the braids to loosen them up. Because this one is meant to look a bit ‘messy’, it makes it that much easier and quicker to achieve.

Au natural curls

We often forget about how I hair looks is we just leave it be and enhance it with a bit of product, and generally, it looks fabulous and is the easiest style you will ever have. This style requires you to put in a bit of serum the night before – one with anti-frizz and curling properties, wrap your hair and then sleep. You’ll wake up the next morning with your hair ready and good to go.

Half pony

Gone are the days of the half pony being a hairstyle reserved for little girls – it is actually incredibly chic and, more importantly, easy to achieve. Whether you have long or short locks, or a curly or straighter ‘do, pulling back half your hair will keep it out of your face and give you a different look to add to your collection.

Low bun

The top knot has been getting all the attention lately, and we’ve certainly been making the most of this nifty style, but its cousin – the low bun – is a softer version and just as simply to achieve. Alternate between slicking your hair back tightly or keeping it loose and softer to give you variations on the look.