Reality star and aspiring entertainer Pinky Girl is single and ready to mingle – but not with any average Joe

This week she advised her followers to only date men who fall into a certain tax bracket.

We’ve all joked about ‘broke men’ on the timeline but one person who is not laughing about this subject is Pinky Girl.

In fact, she is taking it so seriously that she has issued some strong words of advice to her followers and urged them not to bother dating a man whose finances are not in order. Instead, Pinky advises that a woman should rather stay single than give a chance to a “broke” man.

Bonang’s outspoken cousin shared her opinion on social media when she took to her Twitter page to say, “FACT: Nobody wants a broke boyfriend. Am not saying he must be a millionaire or a billionaire. But something must be done. Something must happen. Simple.”

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Many of her followers echoed the sentiments and her comments sparked a number of discussions in her Twitter mentions

Luckily, Pinky was on hand to clarify and defend her point of view:

However, not everybody agreed with Pinky

Several followers felt that the TV star was employing double standards by only slating broke men – while others claimed that she was being too shortsighted by not seeing the potential that a broke but hardworking man could possess.

Despite the criticism, Pinky has made it clear that she is not changing her mind or feelings on this matter and is insistent that it is worse for a man to be broke than it is for a woman to not have a reliable income.

Do you agree with Pinky’s advice that a woman should never date or invest in a broke man?