“Reality Check” is an article series which looks at common mistakes people make when they begin dieting for weight loss. We’ll check out some ‘thought adjustments’ that will help you make better choices on your journey. The articles include tips, new ideas to try, strategies to follow, and encouragement to keep you moving forward.

Not all gym supplements are created equal

“I’m telling you, just take some of this “POWER WORKOUT CRUSHER XL3001” powder before you train, and you’ll get major results in the gym!”

First off, a disclaimer: This is not an article slamming ALL gym and diet supplements – only the ones that have little (or, commonly, no) real scientific backing to support you spending your hard-earned money on them. Reading this article will tell you what to look for, how to find good info, and which supplements you can trust.

The supplement industry is big

Bigger than you think, even. It has grown over the last twenty or thirty years into a marketing and sales behemoth, and it seems like the growth isn’t stopping anytime soon. Every few weeks a new company emerges, promising better results from a “new and improved” miracle supplement, with “guaranteed scientific proof” of its efficacy. All YOU need to do is trust the sales pitch, and fork out your hard-earned cash for the product…

So what’s the reality here?

Good question.

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The basic idea behind these ‘miracle’ supplements is that manufacturers identify some chemicals that SOME (usually very little) effect in the human body. They identify SOME (often tenuous) links to ‘prove’ that these effects COULD help someone achieve their goals of body transformation. Then they set up a study or three that cannot fail to prove that their claims are true, and then get some great ‘before and after’ photos to further support their ideas.

The question is, is this real science? Answer: only if the results can be replicated through tests administered by other researchers.

Does this ever happen? Not much. However, websites like examine.com have undertaken to unravel all of this, and that is the website you should visit if you want some real answers.

What supplements have a proven track-record?

Whey protein (it’s actually just food), creatine (THE most studied drug out there, it works and it’s not bad for you), amino acids. Simple dietary supplements like vitamins are also effective. These are also ALL YOU NEED if you’re actually doing the hard work in your diet and gym programmes.

Don’t waste your money on empty promises. Do the research, then do the work instead.   

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