Here are living room makeover ideas using trendy mustard yellow to add vibrancy and warmth

It been listed as one of the hottest home decor trends in 2019 and, when it’s cold and grey outside, it’s easy to see the appeal of adding warm golden hues to your home.

It’s easy to add mustard yellow decor to a neutral living room, and the contrast with grey is gorgeous, but it also works well when paired with deep blue, emerald green, chocolate brown and black.

Here are a few ways to give your living room a mustard yellow makeover with items from Mr Price Home:

The soft-touch

Changing soft furnishings is one of the quickest ways to alter a colour scheme and update a living room.

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Since it’s winter, you might like the idea of adding warm, luxurious textures with these gorgeous yellow velvet scatter cushion (48x48cm R139.99 each) and introducing layering by draping a yellow chenille throw (140x180cm R299.99) over the back or arm of a sofa. It’s perfect for cuddling under on cold evenings!

How to revamp your bedroom with mustard yellow

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