Dan Cruickshank sets out on television’s most ambitious treasure hunt ever – to reveal the most beautiful and precious things made by man since the dawn of time…

Filmed over five months and visiting over 40 countries, episode one takes Dan deep into the Amazonian rainforests of Brazil, to the peaks of the Peruvian mountains and to the distant wilds of Easter Island.

Surviving tempest-tossed seas, crocodile-infested rivers and the digestive challenge of fresh guinea pig, Dan’s choice of treasures ranges from the celebrated to the secret.

Famed worldwide are his destinations of the giant Moai, the ruins of Machu Picchu and the giant statue of Rio’s Christ. Less well-known but equally spectacular are the gold treasures of the human-sacrifice-loving Moche people with the sinister gold spider necklace, and the largest mud-built city in world – the magical location of Chan Chan.

Never before has the variety and range of mankind’s creations around the world been the stepping stones for such a momentous journey.

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Author: BBC