Penny Lebyane has spoken out about one of the darkest periods in her life, when she spent 10 days in a psychiatric hospital after the entertainment industry took a toll on her mental health

Being a celebrity is not easy, just ask any of our most famous stars in Mzansi.

Some might sugar-coat the challenges but Penny, who is a renowned straight shooter and candid speaker, has never been shy to reveal some of the ugliness in the industry. With a number of stars either battling or, sadly, dying from depression in local entertainment, Penny has revealed that she too was afflicted at one point.

Penny took aim at the radio industry this week after the SABC fired DJ Fresh following a lengthy suspension.

Penny claimed that Fresh, much like Robert Marawa, was the victim of a larger evil; the behind-the-scenes ongoings of what she described as #BlackRadio, where politics and power play a role in who stays, who goes and who does what work.

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According to the veteran radio presenter, these toxic energies were so hectic during her peak years in South African radio that she checked into a psych ward in order to cope with the underlying depression she was fighting

She wrote on Twitter, “I’ve buried too many ppl to keep quiet & personally I spent 10days in a psychiatric ward cos of Entertainment Industry bs especially #BlackRadio to suck my thumbbury my head.” before claiming that the DJ Fresh saga was nothing new. She added, “It started way back, you guys only see it cause it’s them. It happened with me and others and both of them were quite. We must not have selective justice.”

She also launched a scathing attack on personalities/ DJs who appear to be in it for the fame by suggesting that what they are pursuing is in fact toxic.

She believes some of the mental issues that are faced by celebrities cannot be fixed by money or clout:

In the end, Penny Lebyane admits that she became the force she is today by choosing herself

She concluded her soliloquy by writing, “It’s my life, my journey, my walk, my work, my truth. I don’t need your approval of me. I accepted myself when u believed the lies about me, when I was marginalized, I mastered to stand alone. When I was rejected, I loved me”.

Considering that her musings were inspired by DJ Fresh’s dismissal, it’s worth remembering that earlier this year, the ‘Big Dawg’ admitted to facing his own mental battles.

With everything that you know about entertainment, would you ever advise someone you know to join the industry?