Phat Joe has been suspended from all radio duties by the SABC after he made homophobic comments during his breakfast broadcast on Wednesday morning

The SABC moved swiftly as a growing number of complainants took their grievances to social media after Phat Joe expressed his ‘opinion’ on gay men in South Africa.

His rant had been sparked by another controversial incident that has dominated the news this week: Zodwa Wabantu’s own homophobic rant which drew plenty of criticism after airing on her reality show on Saturday night.

Zodwa’s comments sparked plenty of heated arguments and when her saga dominated social media for the first two days of the new week, Phat Joe decided to tackle the matter on his show, Phat Joe and the Family.

The only problem was that in lending his thoughts on the matter, the radio DJ somehow managed to offend the gay community even more when he stood up for Zodwa Wabantu.

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Phat Joe was quoted by listeners as saying that he doesn’t “understand why gays can’t accept that it’s difficult for most people to accept their lifestyle”.

He also claimed to be “disgusted” by the advances he had received from gay men in the past.

A few listeners caught wind of these comments and another fiery debate was ignited on social media as many took offence, while Phat Joe’s fans defended his right to an opinion

As it turns out, the comments were too inflammatory for his employers to defend. On Thursday morning, Phat Joe and the Family aired in its usual time slot but this time, without the controversial host – David Mashabela was brought in as a last-minute replacement.

Vuyo Mthembu, who is the SABC’s spokesperson, confirmed everybody’s suspicions when she shared a statement with media claiming that Phat Joe had been suspended from Radio 2000.

The brief statement read, “The SABC can confirm that Phat Joe has been unscheduled until further notice. This is a matter between the employer and employee, and we cannot comment further at this stage.”

Phat Joe’s suspension came 48 hours after another SABC heavyweight, DJ Fresh, was fired by the national broadcaster. Many fans who had tuned in to Radio 2000 as an alternative to the new-look Fresh Breakfast were left bemused by the SABC’s course of disciplinary action.

As it stands there are no updates on when we can expect Phat Joe back on air but if he does not return this would not be the first time that he has landed in hot water after making offensive remarks.

Two years ago the DJ was disciplined by East Coast Radio after offending many listeners with his ‘opinion’ on people who have Down Syndrome.

Do you think that Phat Joe needs to be educated on how to speak with sensitivity, or should he be allowed to continue expressing himself?